Babywearing Part 1: The ERGObaby and how it helps you get and STAY out of the house!

When I was pregnant, I would always hear from new moms is how hard it is in the beginning to get out of the house. This was always perplexing to me….. what’s the big deal? Just pick up the baby and your cute diaper bag and off you go, right?! HA. Marley is 12 weeks old now, and it seems like ages ago when I was SO proud of myself for just getting down the street to pick up milk at the bodega. Yes, ladies, it IS hard. For me, all those mommy cliches started to make a LOT of sense all of a sudden. Wait, so this is what they meant by “having a baby will change your life” and “being a mom is the hardest job in the world”. So, what’s the big deal with leaving the house successfully? The baby must be fed, he must have on all the appropriate clothing, YOU must have on all the appropriate clothing (!!), he must have a clean diaper….uh, whoops….you fed him and then put his snowsuit on but you forgot he always needs to be changed after he eats. *sigh* Lo and behold – I eventually learned the hard way how to accomplish these steps with precision. What I’m trying to say here folks is that there is a serious learning curve involved with getting out of the house and you’ll want all the help you can get. I remember thinking that I might never be one of those cool moms out in the civilized world doing all kinds of regular person things with her baby. How would I nurse!? What if the baby gets upset and I’m in public? Where do I dispose of diapers when I’m not near a trash bin (keep a gallon Ziploc bag in your diaper bag at all times 😉 ) …. you get the picture.

Enter the ERGObaby: A super-duper fabulous baby carrier that my husband and I both absolutely LOVE. ERGObaby – I love you. Let me count the ways:

  1. Especially in New York City, baby carriers are a must have in general. Traveling up and down the stairs with your stroller (even if it’s all fancy and folds up in 2 seconds) is no fun whatsoever. Subway stairs or apartment stairs – NO FUN. With your carrier, you have your hands free and your baby close. Not to mention the fact that you might just be keen on the bit of extra weight resistance that wearing your baby provides (translation: you can tell everyone you exercised). Even in non-urban areas the carrier is handy – you can throw it in the car and transfer baby into it for your trip inside the store/pumpkin patch/neighborhood park/post office/etc. Babies absolutely love being worn – they love being close to you and being jostled about while you walk (It’s just like being in the womb!). Indeed, a few days ago our subway car paused for about 5 minutes in between stations. As Nick began moving around and keeping Marley calm in the ERGObaby, he observed that a nearby baby in a stroller was having an absolute meltdown. There you go. There’s Marley and I on the N train keepin it real.                            
  2. Okay we get it, Sara….baby carriers are the thing. What’s the big deal with the ERGObaby in particular? Well, to start, as the name implies, it offers ergonomic excellence. A very supportive waist belt, nifty back strap, and padded shoulder pads make it so that you aren’t just supporting your baby’s weight with your shoulders. I often remark to myself how much lighter Marley seems when I’ve got him in there. Visit their website for further details, and some absolutely gorgeous pictures of relaxed mamas and papas wearing their babies in beautiful Hawaii. Oh… did I mention they’re a family owned and operated company in Maui!?
  3. With the ERGObaby, you can wear the baby on your front (which you must do until they develop proper head and neck control) and eventually on your back or even your side. Nick is really excited for the day he can wear Marley on his back. OH – a little food for thought… consider your partner’s tastes when choosing your color/pattern. There are some adorable feminine looking ones to be sure, but Nick LOVES wearing Marley around town. Alas, he will not be seen in floral print.
  4. The ERGObaby is a super convenient way to nurse your baby in public! Even if you are a mom who nurses in public sans nursing cover (good on ya!), this is still a very convenient way to go. So, ERGObaby carriers have this very nice little adjustable hood that can cover baby’s head when he is cold or asleep, etc. Here’s how this works: Baby is asleep, he begins to stir and you know he will want to nurse… “yikes!” you might say. “I am at the Beer Garden” or “I am waiting in line for a pulled pork sandwich”. Not to worry: you leave the hood on, you pull down your shirt and unhook your nursing bra, and you guide your baby and/or support your breast for nursing right underneath the cover of the ERGObaby. Right now, Marley is just the right size for this. However, for bigger babies, you simply adjust the shoulder straps so that the baby lowers to the correct level for nursing. Not only is this a super easy and discreet way to feed your baby, but afterwards he is already in the ideal burping position, etc. You can simply reassemble your shirt/bra, remove the hood (or not) and carry on with your activity. Here we are nursing while waiting in line for a pulled pork sandwich at the Big Apple BBQ Block Party in Madison Square Park:                         
  5. The ERGObaby is available in organic cotton. Right on! This is a very nice aspect of the product line for those of us who prefer organic due to environmental and health concerns. We love our organic carrier in Navy, but there are plenty of colors and styles to peruse. Check it out on Amazon! Amazon purchases made by following these links support borobaby…cool!
  6. Finally, ERGObaby offers some really neat accessories to make wearing your baby even more fun. Here are some of our favs:

In a future post, I will talk about my other favorite way to wear Marley – The Moby Wrap. Yep – I’m all about babywearing. You can’t beat it – babywearing is proven to benefit both parents and babies by increasing baby’s “quiet alert” time and promoting healthy attachment overall…not to mention how seriously convenient it is!

And for my next trick….. I will introduce borobaby readers to Amazon Mom – my favorite way to shop for all things baby! Have you heard of this? You really cannot afford to NOT be an Amazon Mom – stay tuned!

6 thoughts on “Babywearing Part 1: The ERGObaby and how it helps you get and STAY out of the house!

  1. I’m not a mom yet (don’t even have a glimmer in my eye), but I love reading your real life tips! This is great! I also love how you pepper your writing with British colloquialisms … is your husband, best friend, cousin George, etc. British???

  2. I know you haven’t had a chance to write about it yet but I am curious why you like both the Moby & Ergo…what does one allow you to do that the other doesn’t?

    • Hi Kara – Thanks for reading!
      I am working on a very involved post about the Moby (I think involving videos!), but I’m happy to share in the meantime! 🙂 The Ergo is great for outside, for men, for wearing on front or back, easy to get on and off, and very ergonomically sound. The Moby is great cause you can do SO many different wraps (facing forward, inward, cradle/sideways, etc), great for getting baby to sleep – I find the “newborn hug” hold to be a surefire way to get Marley to sleep, great for inside (the ergo is kind of absurd for indoor use, I feel), adjustable to the max – but there is a learning curve involved with the Moby – it’s not necessarily the easiest to get on and off – especially at first. It can also be a be overwhelming in the heat outside in the summer. Hope this helps! Stay tuned! 😉

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