Are you an Amazon Mom yet? It’s FREE – do it!

Hello out there!

This will be a very short post today. I want to make sure all of my borobaby readers know about Amazon Mom! I discovered this service when I was about 7 months pregnant, and I was surprised to hear so many moms had not heard of it yet.

Amazon Mom is a FREE membership program on that is designed to help moms (and all caregivers of children) by providing great discounts and such. Not only that – you also start out with 3 months of FREE “Amazon Prime” shipping benefits on all of your Amazon purchases. The more baby stuff you buy, the longer your free shipping extends (up to one year). Ummmm – a free service giving me discounts and free shipping just for being a mom? Okay, I’ll take it!

I get Marley’s diapers and wipes through the “Subscribe and Save” service on Amazon, as well. They give you 15% off for being an Amazon Mom and another 15% for using “subscribe and save”. All this means is that you will tell them how often you would like the diapers and wipes replenished (i.e., every 2 months, every 6 months, etc.). Don’t worry if you don’t get the timing exactly right or if you switch brands – they email you to make sure you still want the stuff before they ship/bill you, and you can change your subscription anytime you want. Neat!

Hope you find this helpful!

Are you getting ready for Father’s Day? We are!

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