dear borobaby episode #1

Thanks, Agnieszka – our first “dear borobaby” writer!

Dear borobaby,

I have been reading your blog and have  found it helpful, especially since I also live in Astoria so I appreciate its local perspective and also useful/practical information.
I am due on August 20th with our first 🙂
Very much looking forward to the birth of our son and fluctuating between wanting be super prepared/trying to find out as much as I can and also keeping in mind that I really dont know and nobody really knows how things will go.
Bottom line I am debating whether I should take a newborn care class. I have some experience with babies, worked as a mother’s helper during my graduate school but with babies who were about 6 months old. I do have my mom around- she lives about 1 hours away, I do trust her, but dont know how much she will be available, I dont have many friends who had children though begin to meet some people through Meet up.
Would love to hear your thoughts on that.

Thank you,



Hi Agnieszka!
It’s great to hear from you and I’m so glad you are finding the blog helpful! Oh my gosh I remember that feeling – wanting to be really prepared, but also realizing sometimes the best thing is to just relax. 🙂

Nick and I had ZERO baby experience and so we did take a newborn care class. Since I had already done a lot of reading/research, I didn’t necessarily learn anything earth shattering in class. However, going through the motions of swaddling and diapering with the little dolls and learning about things that were normal for newborns (like being super hairy!) was very good for our peace of mind. I tend to feel more relaxed when I feel over-prepared, and so this worked well for us.

If you are planning on nursing, I do highly recommend a breastfeeding class! We found this to be very useful indeed. The place we went to for both classes was called “Birth Day Presence” – they have a studio in SoHo and in Park Slope. You can get a deal if you get more than one class, and we found the instructors to be really practical, approachable, and informative!

Good luck, and maybe I’ll see you at a meetup one day!

Cheers, Sara 🙂

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