Dedicated to the Muslim mommies of Astoria….

So, it’s 90+ degrees out around here these days… UGH. So sticky, and the baby is covered in heat rash. Blech! My apologies for the whining. As I like to say, the only acceptable “w(h)ine” is the kind that can be consumed in a glass. 😉

When I catch myself complaining and carrying on about the stifling summer city heat, all I need to do is see one of our Muslim sisters coming down the street here in Astoria. I just love you, ladies! I simply must admire these gals wearing various degrees of coverings during the summer – some with only the hijab (head covering), and many in the full burqa (complete body covering). Often, these women have their small children in tow, taking them here there and everywhere on foot, as we tend to do here in this wonderful walkable city. Here I come half-dressed b*tching up a storm cause I’m soooooo hot, and then DOH! there you are bringing me back to reality. You go on doing your mommy thing, and keepin’ it real in this stinking heat. All that said, my absolute favorite thing is when I see these clever moms with their cell phones nestled inside their hijabs, fashioning a hands-free device of sorts. Ooooooh, I just love you. Way to make it work, sisters!

How grateful I am to live in this city, in this amazing neighborhood of Astoria! ASTORIAAAAAAAA – where the same block offers shopping for both burqas and Brazilian bikinis on Steinway Street, and where St. Irene’s Greek Orthodox Church sits peacefully beside the Dar ad-Dawah Mosque on 23rd Avenue. That’s the best part of living here – there is a community for each group, but at the same time, somehow, we all belong to the same community. 🙂

One thought on “Dedicated to the Muslim mommies of Astoria….

  1. I love the picture that you have in your blog. I’ve seen these ladies at theme parks too, usually in a dark color… Bleh Is right. They are very strong women!

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