Attention expecting moms! A registry to copy from borobaby – hindsight is 20/20!

Hello readers! We sure hope you had a glorious weekend! Here in NYC, it is crisp and sunny and cold – perfect autumn weather if you ask me. You know, when I was pregnant with Marley one thing I really wanted was for someone to just tell me what to register for from soup to nuts! Oh sure, there are tons of checklists available, but I found that many homegrown ones were too sparse and the ones sponsored on the baby sites were extremely overdone. Surely I would not need a crib, a bassinet, a napper, and a Moses basket! Come ON. When I started this blog, one of my goals was to provide my readers with a great “demo” registry to copy/borrow/plagiarize/learn from, etc.

So, without further ado, here it is – ENJOY!!! borobaby demo registry

Some notes on the registry:

  • I provided comments on each item that will help explain why I think it is necessary or desirable.
  • Some of the items are ones that we have and love, and others are ones that my friends have and love (eg, My Brest Friend pillow – we hated the Boppy).
  • Pay attention to the quantities – I updated the appropriate amount of each item, as well.
  • Obviously, the colors are random – Amazon carries all the various colors/patterns you may like better, of course.
Items not on the registry list that must be purchased outside of Amazon:
  • IKEA Antilop Highchair – This highchair is $20 and we think it is absolutely fantastic! Make sure to buy the separate tray, and the support cushion if necessary. It does not have a fluffy ruffly seat thinger, but Marley really doesn’t seem to care. VERY easy to clean – this is a very, very important quality, people!
  • Sweet Bobbins Crib Sheets – I ordered 3 different crib sheets from 3 different shops on Etsy (Etsy is an amazing site where one can purchase handmade items from all over the world!). The one from Sweet Bobbins was the best by far – great quality fabric that washes well and beautiful patterns. Angela and Rene throw in 3 matching washcloths with your sheet purchase!
  • Land’s End Little Tripper Diaper Bag – This is an awesome bag – although certainly not as cute as many others on the market. Major pluses for TONS of great functionality (which is actually the point of a diaper bag) and the fact that the dads I know don’t mind carrying it (assuming you do not purchase the baby pink color). You will be amazed at how much fits in there!
For other information on preparing for baby, please see my former posts: Our Top Ten Favorite Baby Stuff (pregnancy through 6 months)! and Toolkit for Baby’s Arrival.
I hope all you pregnant gals find the demo registry and these notes helpful!!!

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