Victory At Last! The boy eats from a spoon…

Hello out there, borobaby readers! The holidays are here – hip hip hooray. I am starting to get soooo excited to introduce Marley to our favorite holiday traditions – listening to Christmas music, sharing time with loved ones, and most importantly – entire days dedicated to eating! Yes, Nick and I operate a food-centric family and we’re damn proud of it. Our friend Alex once hypothesized that the proportion of one’s life dedicated to the preparation and consumption of quality food has a direct correlation to one’s happiness and well being. I am certain that this is true and hope to impart the same values to our Marley. With that in mind, I am thrilled to share this story about my most recent (and most significant?) mommy victory to-date.

When Marley was ready to begin solids, we were excited and a bit nervous – kind of our approach to most new things with our little guy. However, being the child of two food-obsessed individuals (Nick with cooking it, and me with eating it), I had no doubt Marley  would have no trouble at all eating whatever we presented to him with enthusiasm and gusto. Aaaaaaaah yeah – it kind of didn’t go down that way. Here’s what really happened. He liked cereal, then he hated veggies (yea, even sweet potatoes)… fruit was kind of an improvement, but still he was not thrilled. Within a month or so, something happened along his culinary journey that caused him to shut down. And by shut down, I mean he shut his mouth TIGHT, leaned forward in his high chair, and give us the stare of death every time we presented food. Wait what??? How did this happen? What’s wrong with this boy? He continued to eat just fine at daycare so we knew it wasn’t impossible. Was it US ?! Oh dear. Nick and I tried everything but standing on our heads to get him to open his mouth for a bite. We sang, we danced, we fed ourselves, we fed each other….nothin. Sigh. We went the route of the store-bought organic squeezy pouches (which we still LOVE as a great on-the-go option) which he loved actually, but you know what???? One cannot go through life eating store-bought prepared food out of a squeezy pouch. Although most of our parent friends advised me to just give it more time and try again later … I insisted that we immediately find a way to feed him our homemade baby food FROM A SPOON.

Enter me, mommy genius (ahem). Why was he eating at daycare and not at home? They asserted it was because they played with him and made him laugh and sang the Itsy Bitsy Spider…. um DUH – of course we already tried those things ad nauseam. I began to think it was because he was imitating the older babies. He would see them eating and would be thusly inspired to accept a spoonful of food himself. I decided that I would try a rather unusual trick – I would play You Tube videos of other babies happily eating their food from spoons. I don’t want to name names, but a certain husband of mine made quite a few jokes about how this trick was going to fail. Well guess what – the video came on and the boy opened his mouth for a spoonful of food immediately! He was healed. Whatever emotional/spiritual/existential concern Marley had with eating food from a spoon – it is gone. We only had to play the video a few times. 🙂 VICTORY! SUCCESS! HUZZAH!

It just goes to show – we moms know what’s what and there’s no harm in trying something strange if you think it will help!

I hope everyone out there is having a great time getting ready for Turkey Day this week! GOBBLE GOBBLE!

3 thoughts on “Victory At Last! The boy eats from a spoon…

  1. Omg! That is such a great story! I hope you got video of Marley watching the you tube babie! We are just starting to introduce 5 1/2 month old Liam to cereal. Most of it ends up on his face, but we are working on it!

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