Yes, Virginia…

Hello out there… It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! The Quebecois guys are selling trees on Ditmars Boulevard, I’ve switched from sweaters to my actual wool coat, and I’ve ordered winter articles for Marley in ridiculously large sizes. Hooray!

This Christmas, we are hosting my mother and brother in law for Christmas Eve for the first time and I am SO excited about it. In particular, I am excited for Marley to experience his first Christmas morning in our home. Our home is not much, and we haven’t much room, oh and the baby has no idea what the heck a holiday even is but OH WELL. I’m still excited and that’s that. Christmas morning cinnamon buns await!

I’ve been through some pretty rough holidays. Many a Christmas day has ended in vague disappointment and a glass of wine, especially since the passing of my very special Grandmother, Virginia, in 2002. You see, most of my happiest childhood Christmas memories were centered around her – her alto voice singing out during the holiday sing-along, our special Christmas Eve slumber party when I would provide all details about my latest love interest, our tradition of bringing bags full of pennies for the midnight mass collection basket (The preacher was famous for declaring “No Jingle Bells!” and we enjoyed putting him in his place), and the pure joy on her face when she would receive yet another cat-related gift (Oh, Sara! It’s a cat!!!!!). She was wonderful and filled with pure love despite leading a truly difficult life. Even when the other elements of the holidays had inevitably gone awry, I had these moments with Grandmom to comfort me. This is the kind of holiday warmth and love I hope to create for Marley for the rest of his life. Ridiculous as it may sound that I am wrapping his little gifts with great care and preparing a special breakfast (which he cannot yet eat), I am wild with anticipation for Marley’s first Christmas. We can’t wait to see him put all of his new toys in his mouth and look at us with wonder and love as we enjoy special family time together.

We are so grateful for what we have and what we can give to Marley this holiday season. Besides being able to care for him and feed him each day, we are able to shop for little toys and new clothes to make his first Christmas special. May I humbly suggest that, as you plan your holiday shopping, you consider one of the following giving programs?

The Salvation Army Angel Giving Tree (presented by jcpenney): Adopt an “Angel” (a child in need) online. You can search for angels by age/zip code/gender and then donate a gift based on the child’s needs/wants.

UNICEF’s Inspired Gifts Program: Buy a life-saving gift for children in need. There is an option to send a gift on behalf of a friend and UNICEF will send an online card. Options run the gamut from soccer balls to measles vaccines.

Thanks for listening, dear readers. Wishing you and yours a holiday season filled with warmth and love!

8 thoughts on “Yes, Virginia…

  1. Happy Holidays! This post was so touching! I am experiencing the very same mix of emotions in anticipation of Ky’s first Christmas…missing Smokey (who made each and every one of my Christmases so very special) and wishing he was here to see our beautiful boy! I know that he and your wonderful grandmother, Virginia, are looking down at the joy that is their legacy. Sending you love and peace.

  2. Awaw, Sara- I miss Virginia too. Your lucky that you had such an amazing relationship with her. I bet she is smiling down on you guys now. Beautiful post indeed.

  3. Sara, very sweet entry! Here’s to a very merry Christmas to you and yours:) I share in your excitement for creating awesome Christmas memories.

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