Introducing Freakingridiculous Fridays

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Forgive me readers for I have sinned…. it has been WAY too long since my last blog post! I hope everyone is doing well and feeling great as we kick off 2012. As the weather starts taking a downturn, I’ve started researching fun stuff in the neighborhood for Marley and me to do indoors. Sadly, my default activity – picnicking at Astoria Park – is not as much fun when icicles start forming on our feet. Coming soon – borobaby’s official recommendations for winter fun!

Doing all this research has led me to a rather bizarre discovery… at least I found it bizarre anyway. Insanely expensive music classes for babies. Say whaaaat!? This has inspired me to follow in the footsteps of my fellow mommy-bloggers with their clever weekday themed posts (Wacky Wednesdays or Monster-costume Mondays) and create my own: Freakingridiculous Fridays. There are a lot of ridiculous things out there in mommy world, dear reader. I am only too happy to bring them to your attention on a weekly basis. You’re welcome. 🙂

Back to the subject at hand for this, our first Freakingridiculous Friday – Insanely expensive music classes for babies.

WHY? I have heard of these classes and wondered inwardly and aloud – what on earth does one do in a baby music class? Here at home, we play with Marley’s toy xylophone. I have a real blast teaching myself to play songs on it while Marley tries to steal it back from me. So far my repertoire includes “No woman, no cry”, “Happy Birthday”, “Mary had a little lamb”, and “Do, a deer”. Ask Nick – I’m really good. We also sometimes try to teach Marley to play Nick’s congas (see photo). Usually he just bounces up and down and says “dadadadadadadada” and then growls and shows us his one tooth. I was startled to discover that many people out there feel this is not enough musical education for a 10 month old. In the interest of Marley’s cultural enrichment and our pending cabin fever, I decided to research fancy pants baby music classes. Hey – why not?

The results of this little research project were shocking. Baby music classes cost upwards of $28 per class. Classes are an hour or so. Yes, there is live music and these people have to get paid. I get that for sure, but WHOOOOOA. And $28 was the most affordable “class” I could find. Class descriptions sound something like this “Your baby will grow up to be a f*cking idiot if you do not enroll in this class. He will not understand what music is, have no sense of rhythm, sound, or dance, and will basically not enjoy life ever ever. Furthermore, he will never develop essential social skills and will in turn live life with no friends. While his classmates enjoy time together playing instruments and dancing, he will sit on the sidelines barely comprehending what is happening around him”. Okay.. so I slightly exaggerate. But seriously, that is the message, right? For $28 per hour you’d better be saving my kid from something. About the money – do not misunderstand, I am not a miser. No one in my life would even describe me as kind of thrifty. Unless a coupon invades my email inbox, I do not know of its existence and I enjoy shopping a LOT. I draw the line at freakingridiculous, though, and that’s just what this is if anyone’s asking me.

Okay so you want to sit around with other parents and babies and play music. This sounds like SO much fun but you can’t afford $28 for a music “class”. The solution – start your own. Meet other people (this is free) and play music together on whatever instruments are around the house (real ones if you have talent, or pots and pans – who cares). Mad props to Laurie N., who organizes such a group (for free) through our local parenting group. Mad props to Waltz Astoria ( which organizes a kid’s sing-a-long with live music for $7, including snack bar for little ones. That sounds reasonable enough, and I hope to make it there this winter if our schedule allows. I am a music lover and passionate about the need for creative expression in children’s lives. But don’t freaking rob me. Thank you very much.

What do you think of Freakingridiculous Fridays? What do you do to bring music into your child’s life?

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