Freakingridiculous Fridays: Baby Business Cards

I am really truly sorry if I will offend anyone with this post, or any Freakingridiculous Fridays post for that matter. Perhaps you should read a different blog if you are personally hurt by my weekly rants. ๐Ÿ™‚ AH – speaking of weekly – Happy (week after your) Birthday to my husband Nick!!!!! I apologize for missing last Friday, dear readers, but birthday celebrations were in order!!! You gotta have priorities. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Now, on to the matter at hand – Baby Business Cards, Play Date Cards, Mommy Cards, etc. When looking for invitations for Marley’s upcoming 1st birthday party on (great site!), I happened upon an option called “mommy cards”. Of course I clicked the link, whereupon I discovered that there were such things as “playdate business cards” or “baby business cards”. At least that’s what I call them. Evidently, the idea is that you meet another parent/child, things go well, and you want to see them again. Nevermind exchanging numbers via cell phone. That is soooo 2012. We can’t be allowing the new fancy pants technology to overrun our children’s pure and innocent minds. The civilized thing to do is of course to exchange business cards. I wonder if we could drop one into those fishbowls they have at some stores/delis and perhaps win ourselves a free lunch.

After all, in Japan, where people are very advanced and sophisticated, it is considered very important to present one’s business card appropriately. Allow me to enlighten you:

Traditionally business cards have great significance and are part of a lengthy ceremony. Exchanging business cards is important because it shows peoplesโ€™ status. When handing a business card it is required to use both hands and bow. After receiving the card it is looked over and read and you must try to pronounce the card owners name. The cards are also kept out on a table. This is a strength because it helps you understand the title of the person. This is important in knowing who you are talking to and what their ranking is. It is very important to the Japanese to know the hierarchy of the companies they are doing business with. Traditionally the ranking of someone is very important to them. The ranking has always been important because they want to know what level of authority they are dealing with. This helps the company to know what is going on. [’s_Business_Traditions]

You see, we wouldn’t want our kids growing up without such values and traditions in place. Indeed, with some of the names these days that surely appear on these cards, we would all have a grand time with the ceremony of trying to pronounce the name aloud.

Baby business cards?! Now THAT’S Freakingridiculous.ย 

Up next – Stroller review! How much we love our Baby Jogger City Mini and why the UppaBaby and Bugaboo people are nuts. ๐Ÿ™‚

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