Stroller Time! Oh City Mini, I love you more each day.

Hi there guys and gals. You wanna know what’s freakingridiculous? I keep forgetting when it’s Friday. How awful is that? Considering this, I am afraid it is incumbent upon me to inform you that I will be posting Freakingridiculous Fridays rants on random Fridays from now on. I seem to be lacking in talent when it comes to keeping track of what day it is anymore. 🙂

In any case, as promised, I want to tell all of you about our stroller story. Of course it’s a whole story – ha! I am especially speaking to all you special pregnant ladies out there. If you haven’t got your stroller planning spreadsheet going yet, I bet you’re thinking about it. What a dilemma! How does one make a decision when this stroller offers “seated ball bearings” and that one offers “independent suspension”? You troll around on all the stroller companies’ websites and become mesmerized by the instructional videos. Perhaps you begin feeling overwhelmed, or perhaps you’ve had an upsetting incident when you found out the stroller you thought you loved doesn’t come with a cup holder!!! Gasp. This is serious sh*t here, people. What? You actually don’t have a stroller comparison spreadsheet at all? Oh – well I’d like to think it’s not just me so go ahead and keep that little tidbit to yourself. 🙂

Anyway, a decent stroller can cost a lot of money. If you intend to navigate a city and not just the mall every now and then, you probably DO actually want a decent one so that the darn thing doesn’t collapse in the middle of a pothole on Astoria Boulevard. Even if you aren’t a city cat, that Bugaboo video sure is tempting. Okay so here it is: We bought an Uppababy Vista secondhand. It was an awe-inspiring piece of equipment that performed its intended function very well indeed. We spent a lot of money on that stroller, even secondhand. I bragged to everyone under the sun about it too. What a deal we got! What we failed to admit was that we lived in a tiny second floor apartment. The guy in that Uppababy video made it look SO easy to fold up and carry around, but we failed to note that in order to do so, the moon had to be in the 7th house, Jupiter aligned with Mars, and you had to do a roundoff-back handspring and say a Hail Mary with your eyes closed. Oh, and the darned contraption weighs about 25 pounds even if you do manage to get it folded while holding an infant. To make a long story short, we finally admitted our mistake, sold the Uppababy to a lovely couple who wanted to convert it to a double stroller, and bought ourselves a BRAND NEW Baby Jogger City Mini.

WE LOVE OUR BABY JOGGER CITY MINI. A LOT. In a nutshell, here’s why. This will also double as my list of stroller features that we found to be actually useful/important:

  • It really and truly folds with one hand. You pull this little handle and boom. It’s amazing – a really great party trick.
  • I can carry it in one hand while carrying Marley in the other arm coming down my stairs. Admittedly, this isn’t exactly the highlight of my day or anything, but we get where we’re going in one piece.
  • It is extremely durable and high-quality despite being only about 16 pounds.
  • The wheels are those nice fancy ones, not crappy plastic ones.
  • It reclines to just about 180 degrees to accommodate newborns.
  • The sun canopy is for real. It is very large and has various “settings”. Sometimes the sun is a problem and I see lots of strollers with insufficient canopies.
  • Yes, you do need to purchase the rain canopy and cup holder separately, but you’ll get over it I promise. There’s this fancy thing they have now where you can put all your purchases in one shopping cart and pay once. Not sure why people get all nuts about the separate purchase of these items.
  • The price is approximately $200 (depending on 2011/2012 and color) – exactly $479 cheaper than the Vista. OMG, right?
  • One negative – the seat is not reversible. This means that you cannot face your baby. However, I think people generally get over this pretty quickly, as well. Oh, and there’s this little sun roof thingy where you can peek through! Cool.
I know there are one million strollers available today. In fact, I bet that darn Vista is the exact right stroller for plenty of people out there! It’s a marvelous product. However, I felt compelled to share our story with you and how we learned the hard way what features were really truly important to us.
Oh, and one last thing. It’s just a stroller. You’ll have more pressing matters when the baby comes. Really. 😉

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