Raising Astoria – the new heart of our parenting community!

So really, did we ever have a winter? WOW I cannot get over how great it feels to be walking around outside today (just a bit!) in my Toms and my snazzy non-winter hat!

Local parents and parents-to-be listen UP! In case you haven’t heard, there is an amazing new store in town called Raising Astoria. It is on 23rd Ave and 26th St. Their grand opening was last Saturday and there could not have been more excitement and energy (and babies!) in the room that day. They offer new and slightly used maternity and baby clothing and gear, as well as seriously adorable new baby and toddler toys. Indeed, I have already made some very exciting purchases here: Some really awesome Adidas baby sneakers (slightly used and gorgeous), a few beautiful wooden toys and handcrafted stuffed animals to send to a new baby in the family, and one pink baby stroller. All the little girls were getting them and I thought Marley would like it. Turns out, I was right….

Additionally, the community space will be home to extremely affordable and brilliant classes and events that cannot be beat! To name just a few, they offer 2 levels of art classes for the little ones and a “Dance Party Friday”!!! How fun is THAT? Adult-centered activities will be offered too, like the monthly Working Moms’ Support Group (starting April 4 and hosted by yours truly) and Parent Education Workshops on Saturday afternoons. Marley and I cannot wait to join in all the fun!

It should not come as a surprise that this beautiful space is brought to us by Laurie and Kim – “meetup” group mavens and local mamas extraordinaire! Read this article on the Queens Mamas website about them and their ideas for Raising Astoria. Their warm and welcoming personalities carry through to the store itself, creating a positive and energetic vibe. I’m certain that Raising Astoria is to become the new “it” place for local families to connect with one another, not to mention the buying and “selling” opportunities that their consignment model allows. Thanks, ladies!

I look forward to seeing you all there!!!


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