Borobaby is back with a brand new…. State?!

Well hello out there borobaby readers! As you know, it’s been too long. Please forgive my absence, as my family has been adjusting to the many changes in our lives that have taken place over the past few months. “What changes?” you say….Well, since May:

  1. The end of my breastfeeding journey with Marley.
  2. As indicated by my last post, the unfortunate passing of my very dear mother, Sue.
  3. Becoming pregnant with borobaby #2! We are proud to announce that we are expecting another baby BOY in March! There are a couple of dear friends out there whom I haven’t been able to talk to about this just yet – I apologize if this post is how you are finding out our happy news. I promise a long talk is in our near future. 🙂
  4. A hugely stressful and logistically challenging but also awesome move to Montpelier, Vermont. Yes, borobaby is now brought to you from the great state of Vermont, from the capitol “city” of Montpelier. A bit of trivia – we are the smallest state capitol and the only one without a McDonalds! Cool.
  5. A new job for my husband, which is working out quite well so far. 🙂

Soooooo I’ve been a bit emotionally exhausted – it’s been hard for me to think about how to restart the blog. But, at the encouragement of a special colleague/friend today, here I am trying.  😉

There are several things that have been on my mind that I would like to share with all of you. Here are some posts/topics you can expect to see in the near future:

  1. Adventures in Sewing. I am VERY, VERY inspired to learn to sew. Not like, with my needle and thread to repair a button and stuff like that. I mean really, really sew like with a machine like people do. For the boys, I want to make pajamas, sleep sacks, blankets, doofy outfits, hats, etc.  My main focus in the beginning will be completing Marley’s Halloween costume, which I planned to sew by hand but will try with the machine, aaaaaand some winter sleep sacks. Can someone out there please explain why they don’t make long-sleeved ones? I feel like I am always low on clean sleep sacks because I refuse to buy any more for like $40 or whatever it is. NO WAY – I will make them, I will, I will! Thank goodness I have a new neighbor up here who says she can help me to learn, and I have a gorgeous- genius-future famous designer niece whom I can ask stupid questions. Wish me luck, I will really need it.
  2. OMG I’m in Vermont. This change came as quite a shock to those who know how much I love Astoria. What about the BORO?! We knew that we’d need and want more space for baby #2, and my husband and I always knew that we’d plan a move out of the city around this time in our lives. So, here we are! We are so glad we landed in VT, and particularly glad to be in Montpelier! It’s a funky “city”/town of 8K-9K people. There is a plethora of interesting things going on, a very cute downtown with awesome shopping/restaurants, a lot of young families, and some very “colorful” hippie and not-so-hippie folks hanging around. In many ways, because of the small community feel, it is similar to life in Astoria believe it or not! Also, it is GORGEOUS here. We are surrounded by mountains and we breathe fresh air every day. What a refreshing change that has been! Anyone want to come up for a ski vacation!? 😀 Oh, the food is amazing too. Yesssssssssssssss! We haven’t quite found our groove yet with the local mom groups and such, so I hope to share some thoughts about that as we continue to try to get involved.
  3. Preparing for baby #2. I want to share with my readers some of what I’ve been feeling emotionally, and how I am trying to prepare logistically. Um, I also welcome all advice on this matter because I am basically clueless. 😉

Thanks for hanging in there, dear readers! What else would you like to hear about?


7 thoughts on “Borobaby is back with a brand new…. State?!

  1. Hi Sara!
    So happy to read your blog (from Vermont). When you write, it really does feel like you are sitting right next to me and talking about this new chapter in your life. I’m so incredibly happy for you guys and all the wonderful things that are happening. You deserve every bit of it. Miss you tons-give Marley a big hug! xoxo
    -Angie and Ollie

  2. Congratulations and glad you are back to blogging! I am so happy for you about boy #2 and your move. I can’t wait to hear more about your mommy adventures in VT!!

  3. Sara,

    Congratulations on baby #2! Wow! I don’t check your blog often but when I do – always a suprise. I actually logged in to see if you had tips/suggestions on baby seats after baby wears out the bouncy one. Anyway – all the best to you and your growing family:)

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