These are a few of our favorite random things.

Greetings! In the spirit of January, I offer today a list of the childrens’ favorite things in the house, all of which they did not receive for Christmas, and none of which are actually toys. This moral is an oldie but goodie – kids don’t need so many toys. Okay, got it. But sometimes this point is made in my house so clearly, like when Marley builds little cities out of earplugs, that I find myself SMHing with glee.

borobaby brothers’ favorite rando things in the house, in ascending order of preference:

10. Earplugs. See above. Earplugs can be found at Rite Aid for $8 for a large vessel. Not only do they make it possible for you to get a proper nap when your partner is holding down the ship, but they are obviously also a toy. They can be dumped, picked back up again, and made into cities or other clever formations on the floor. Available in many colors.

9. Dot stickers. Also available at Rite Aid. No, not like ones for kids or even teachers – the ones for yard sales and suchlike. Maybe $3 for many, many sheets. Nice to keep in your bag for restaurant outings so that your children can decorate themselves or you or paper. Again, Rite Aid comes through with the double duty all-purpose items. Usually sold in arrays of neon or pastel.

8. The remote control to the ceiling fan. The appeal here is obvious. Disclaimer, make sure they can’t easily rip out some tiny battery or whatever.

7. Egg crates. Like the ones that contain eggs from the food store. Perfect for putting small things in, like maybe earplugs.

6. Boxes. Can be colored, painted, cut up to be made into houses, or just exist as hiding spot.

5. Crappy plastic Easter eggs from last year. I suppose these technically are a toy, but not really, and I’m sure I got them from Rite Aid. Can be placed into above mentioned egg crates and used as carrying pods for raisins or whatever the boys are trying to hide from us.

4. Clementine boxes. Can be made into just about anything. Since Julian eats about 35 clementines per day, we’ve practically built a storage system with these.

3. The salad spinner. Oh man, the boys are both obsessed with the salad spinner. It spins, it has 3 parts, you can put lots of things into it. Oh, the glory!

2. Blankets and spare bits of fabric. They are everywhere in your house! Probably in assorted colors and patterns! Can be used as hiding places, made into “clothing,” or for trying to beat up your brother (although that obviously never happens in this house).

1. Scotch Tape. Scotch tape is also available at Rite Aid. Good to buy in bulk or on sale. It’s sticky. You can stick it on things. You can “fix” things all over the house with it. You can wear it. You can color it. The possibilities are really endless which is why it earns the #1 spot.

I love buying toys and there are many toys that the boys love and treasure. But sometimes, you just sit there covered in scotch tape and dot stickers and smile.

Thanks for reading. 🙂


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