Meet Marley – He is the borobaby. I’m Sara, Marley’s mom.

We live in Queens, the BEST….er, I mean…just one of the wonderful outer boroughs (“boros”) of New York City. Life is good here in Astoria, Queens. As any proud Astorian would tell you, we avoid the uber-hipster vibes of Brooklyn while still fancying ourselves a happening, cool-yet-affordable alternative to Manhattan.

Soooo, what are Marley and I doing here on the interweb? Well, the past year has changed my life in some very profound ways. I was the first among my close friends to become a parent. While that felt a bit scary and disorienting at times, it also inspired me to organize my thoughts to help whoever might be the next to take this insane and awesome journey.

As an expectant mom, I was often overwhelmed by my need for helpful information and emotional support. Not surprisingly, as a new mom I find I need the same things….Oh, except now I need a housekeeper…please come over if you’d like to mop my floor…. Anyway, Marley and I are here to help you ladies (and gents!) who are pregnant or new to parenthood. If you find yourself wondering things like “Must I absolutely purchase a wipe-warmer? I need a fo’ real registry checklist!” or “Am I really prepared for those first few weeks everyone keeps telling me will be SO HARD? Will I survive sleep deprivation?” or perhaps “I have my baby and am now broke – can I still have fun without spending a million dollars on activities… in New York (substitute your own too-expensive city here)!?”, then YOU are a borobaby reader! Congratulations. 🙂

Those of you who know me well know that I adore list-making and information-mongering almost as much as I enjoying helping people. That’s what borobaby is all about – so here we go!

Marley and I will be enlightening our readers with information in the following categories:

Baby Product Reviews and Musings: From “Swaddle Me” to “Sophie Le Giraffe” – Discussions and information about great (and not-so-great) baby products.

Dear borobaby…: We entertain all questions! Email us at borobabyblog@gmail.com

Free/Inexpensive Baby-friendly Activities: Stories of fun family activities that don’t break the diaper budget. Of course, most of our posts will concern the New York City region. However, I can’t wait to hear from our out-of-town borobaby readers for ways to have fun for less in your area!

Life With Baby: Breastfeeding, baby care, breastfeeding, getting out of the house, breastfeeding, meeting other new parents, and finally, breastfeeding. Yes. Whatever kind of feeding you’re doing, you’ll be doing that much of it.

Pregnancy & Preparing for Baby: The wonders of the pregnancy experience and advice for logistical and emotional prep for baby.


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