These are a few of our favorite random things.

Greetings! In the spirit of January, I offer today a list of the childrens’ favorite things in the house, all of which they did not receive for Christmas, and none of which are actually toys. This moral is an oldie but goodie – kids don’t need so many toys. Okay, got it. But sometimes this point is made in my house so clearly, like when Marley builds little cities out of earplugs, that I find myself SMHing with glee.

borobaby brothers’ favorite rando things in the house, in ascending order of preference:

10. Earplugs. See above. Earplugs can be found at Rite Aid for $8 for a large vessel. Not only do they make it possible for you to get a proper nap when your partner is holding down the ship, but they are obviously also a toy. They can be dumped, picked back up again, and made into cities or other clever formations on the floor. Available in many colors.

9. Dot stickers. Also available at Rite Aid. No, not like ones for kids or even teachers – the ones for yard sales and suchlike. Maybe $3 for many, many sheets. Nice to keep in your bag for restaurant outings so that your children can decorate themselves or you or paper. Again, Rite Aid comes through with the double duty all-purpose items. Usually sold in arrays of neon or pastel.

8. The remote control to the ceiling fan. The appeal here is obvious. Disclaimer, make sure they can’t easily rip out some tiny battery or whatever.

7. Egg crates. Like the ones that contain eggs from the food store. Perfect for putting small things in, like maybe earplugs.

6. Boxes. Can be colored, painted, cut up to be made into houses, or just exist as hiding spot.

5. Crappy plastic Easter eggs from last year. I suppose these technically are a toy, but not really, and I’m sure I got them from Rite Aid. Can be placed into above mentioned egg crates and used as carrying pods for raisins or whatever the boys are trying to hide from us.

4. Clementine boxes. Can be made into just about anything. Since Julian eats about 35 clementines per day, we’ve practically built a storage system with these.

3. The salad spinner. Oh man, the boys are both obsessed with the salad spinner. It spins, it has 3 parts, you can put lots of things into it. Oh, the glory!

2. Blankets and spare bits of fabric. They are everywhere in your house! Probably in assorted colors and patterns! Can be used as hiding places, made into “clothing,” or for trying to beat up your brother (although that obviously never happens in this house).

1. Scotch Tape. Scotch tape is also available at Rite Aid. Good to buy in bulk or on sale. It’s sticky. You can stick it on things. You can “fix” things all over the house with it. You can wear it. You can color it. The possibilities are really endless which is why it earns the #1 spot.

I love buying toys and there are many toys that the boys love and treasure. But sometimes, you just sit there covered in scotch tape and dot stickers and smile.

Thanks for reading. 🙂


Our Top Ten Favorite Baby Stuff (6-12 months)!

Of course, as always, this post is overdue. 😛

Some of you may know that my family and I have been going through a lot, including a week-long fever for the baby and a death in my family. It has been such a relief (in a way) to have my mom duties to focus on during hard times. Taking care of Marley certainly does keep me grounded and (ironically) sane. 🙂

What I have for you is the next installment of the borobaby “Top 10” series – Our top 10 baby products for the 6-12 month timeframe. These items have also been added (when possible and appropriate) to the borobaby demo registry.

Here they are in no particular order!

  1. IKEA Antilop Highchair – This highchair is $20 and we think it is absolutely fantastic! Make sure to buy the separate tray, and the support cushion. It does not have a fluffy ruffly seat thinger, but Marley really doesn’t seem to care. VERY easy to clean – this is a very, very important quality, people!
  2. BABYBJÖRN Soft Bib – These bibs are essential for solid food eating (or as I say “people food”). They are super durable and the whole idea is that you can treat them like one of the dishes. No laundry or rinsing out or whatever. The little pocket ma-jig on the bottom is amaaaaazing – saves a great deal of food from falling on the floor.
  3. Playskool Step Start Walk ‘n Ride – This car/push-car guy is great for when baby begins to try to walk. In my experience with Marley and his peers, they almost always get walking while holding/pushing something first. It is EXACTLY the right size and has lots of little gadgets to play with, including Marley’s favorite – the “boot” in the front where important toys can be stored.
  4. Organic baby food pouches by Ella’s Kitchen, Plum Organics, or Happy Baby – Okay, I know that Marley would not have actually starved himself if these were not invented, but sometimes I truly think so. I have met many, many other parents whose children are obsessed with these. Basically, its organic pureed fruits and veggies in this little pouch thingy and your baby can suck it out. Weird, right? I definitely know moms who have tried these and baby was not interested. However, Marley is all about them. When he first started on fruits and veggies, we got these “just for travel”, but they ended up being a staple of his every day diet. He has always wanted to feed himself, which is a problem when you are not yet able to operate utensils. Enter pouches. Now that (at almost 15 months!) he eats more-or-less grown-up food, I throw the pouches in there to ensure he’s getting enough fruits (and especially) veggies for the day. While Marley has grown to love eating fruits (bananas and berries especially), he’s still a bit dubious about veggies. However, he’ll suck down a pouch of broccoli and apples like I would a chocolate milkshake or the like (mmm chocolate…). Oh and PS – Yes we did try to make our own purees and put them in one of those odd reusable pouches you can get. Waste of money – at least in Marley’s case. He only wanted these. Thank you to the companies that make them!
  5. Stride Rite Dillan Fisherman Sandal and/or Robeez Soft Soles – I chose these shoes because they are 1. Good quality leather and 2. Easy to get on and off. The Robeez are for “pre-walking” and the Stride Rite are for walking. I must admit, I think you will do fine if you do not get the exact styles seen here, but the R2D2 Robeez are pretty freaking delightful. We have the Stride Rite in a sandal simply because Marley started really walking when the weather got warm. Any Stride Rite Baby shoe will do – they are the absolute best and have been for years. I now understand why they are all I was allowed to have as a kid. 😉
  6. Green Sprouts My First Toothbrush Set and Weleda Children’s Tooth Gel – Marley actually loves brushing his teeth! He does it himself before his evening bath while we hold him up on the bathroom sink. He was drawn immediately to these little green ones (they kind of feel like a teething toy). I also made sure to have him watch us brush our teeth for a while so that when the time came he’d be eager to try. Lots of kids seem to really like this toothpaste (it’s really just for babies, as it is a non-flouride one), although I myself found it yucky.
  7. Boogie Wipes Unscented – Believe it or not, these things REALLY do pick up crusty baby boogies very easily. The Fresh Scent is okay too, but I think the Grape is disgusting.
  8. Plan Toys – Hammer Balls – My Father-in-law gave Marley this toy and I feel he has really learned from it! It’s also a beautifully made wooden toy. Can’t beat that!
  9. HAPPYBABY Organic Puffs – Oooooh the puffs. A great first finger food. Marley LOVES these tremendously. Much healthier than Cheerios or whatever.
  10. HALO SleepSack – AHH! I almost forgot to include these. These are the best thing ever – they are wearable blankets for when baby grows out of swaddling (or if you do not choose to swaddle). Go ahead and get a size (or 2) bigger than your baby measures so that you can use for longer. No one cares if the bottom is dangling. Why not a regular old blanket, you say? Well, I feel Marley needs a blanket on him when sleeping but he does not yet have the wherewithal to actually replace a blanket that falls off in the night. See? There you go!

Stroller Time! Oh City Mini, I love you more each day.

Hi there guys and gals. You wanna know what’s freakingridiculous? I keep forgetting when it’s Friday. How awful is that? Considering this, I am afraid it is incumbent upon me to inform you that I will be posting Freakingridiculous Fridays rants on random Fridays from now on. I seem to be lacking in talent when it comes to keeping track of what day it is anymore. 🙂

In any case, as promised, I want to tell all of you about our stroller story. Of course it’s a whole story – ha! I am especially speaking to all you special pregnant ladies out there. If you haven’t got your stroller planning spreadsheet going yet, I bet you’re thinking about it. What a dilemma! How does one make a decision when this stroller offers “seated ball bearings” and that one offers “independent suspension”? You troll around on all the stroller companies’ websites and become mesmerized by the instructional videos. Perhaps you begin feeling overwhelmed, or perhaps you’ve had an upsetting incident when you found out the stroller you thought you loved doesn’t come with a cup holder!!! Gasp. This is serious sh*t here, people. What? You actually don’t have a stroller comparison spreadsheet at all? Oh – well I’d like to think it’s not just me so go ahead and keep that little tidbit to yourself. 🙂

Anyway, a decent stroller can cost a lot of money. If you intend to navigate a city and not just the mall every now and then, you probably DO actually want a decent one so that the darn thing doesn’t collapse in the middle of a pothole on Astoria Boulevard. Even if you aren’t a city cat, that Bugaboo video sure is tempting. Okay so here it is: We bought an Uppababy Vista secondhand. It was an awe-inspiring piece of equipment that performed its intended function very well indeed. We spent a lot of money on that stroller, even secondhand. I bragged to everyone under the sun about it too. What a deal we got! What we failed to admit was that we lived in a tiny second floor apartment. The guy in that Uppababy video made it look SO easy to fold up and carry around, but we failed to note that in order to do so, the moon had to be in the 7th house, Jupiter aligned with Mars, and you had to do a roundoff-back handspring and say a Hail Mary with your eyes closed. Oh, and the darned contraption weighs about 25 pounds even if you do manage to get it folded while holding an infant. To make a long story short, we finally admitted our mistake, sold the Uppababy to a lovely couple who wanted to convert it to a double stroller, and bought ourselves a BRAND NEW Baby Jogger City Mini.

WE LOVE OUR BABY JOGGER CITY MINI. A LOT. In a nutshell, here’s why. This will also double as my list of stroller features that we found to be actually useful/important:

  • It really and truly folds with one hand. You pull this little handle and boom. It’s amazing – a really great party trick.
  • I can carry it in one hand while carrying Marley in the other arm coming down my stairs. Admittedly, this isn’t exactly the highlight of my day or anything, but we get where we’re going in one piece.
  • It is extremely durable and high-quality despite being only about 16 pounds.
  • The wheels are those nice fancy ones, not crappy plastic ones.
  • It reclines to just about 180 degrees to accommodate newborns.
  • The sun canopy is for real. It is very large and has various “settings”. Sometimes the sun is a problem and I see lots of strollers with insufficient canopies.
  • Yes, you do need to purchase the rain canopy and cup holder separately, but you’ll get over it I promise. There’s this fancy thing they have now where you can put all your purchases in one shopping cart and pay once. Not sure why people get all nuts about the separate purchase of these items.
  • The price is approximately $200 (depending on 2011/2012 and color) – exactly $479 cheaper than the Vista. OMG, right?
  • One negative – the seat is not reversible. This means that you cannot face your baby. However, I think people generally get over this pretty quickly, as well. Oh, and there’s this little sun roof thingy where you can peek through! Cool.
I know there are one million strollers available today. In fact, I bet that darn Vista is the exact right stroller for plenty of people out there! It’s a marvelous product. However, I felt compelled to share our story with you and how we learned the hard way what features were really truly important to us.
Oh, and one last thing. It’s just a stroller. You’ll have more pressing matters when the baby comes. Really. 😉

Attention expecting moms! A registry to copy from borobaby – hindsight is 20/20!

Hello readers! We sure hope you had a glorious weekend! Here in NYC, it is crisp and sunny and cold – perfect autumn weather if you ask me. You know, when I was pregnant with Marley one thing I really wanted was for someone to just tell me what to register for from soup to nuts! Oh sure, there are tons of checklists available, but I found that many homegrown ones were too sparse and the ones sponsored on the baby sites were extremely overdone. Surely I would not need a crib, a bassinet, a napper, and a Moses basket! Come ON. When I started this blog, one of my goals was to provide my readers with a great “demo” registry to copy/borrow/plagiarize/learn from, etc.

So, without further ado, here it is – ENJOY!!! borobaby demo registry

Some notes on the registry:

  • I provided comments on each item that will help explain why I think it is necessary or desirable.
  • Some of the items are ones that we have and love, and others are ones that my friends have and love (eg, My Brest Friend pillow – we hated the Boppy).
  • Pay attention to the quantities – I updated the appropriate amount of each item, as well.
  • Obviously, the colors are random – Amazon carries all the various colors/patterns you may like better, of course.
Items not on the registry list that must be purchased outside of Amazon:
  • IKEA Antilop Highchair – This highchair is $20 and we think it is absolutely fantastic! Make sure to buy the separate tray, and the support cushion if necessary. It does not have a fluffy ruffly seat thinger, but Marley really doesn’t seem to care. VERY easy to clean – this is a very, very important quality, people!
  • Sweet Bobbins Crib Sheets – I ordered 3 different crib sheets from 3 different shops on Etsy (Etsy is an amazing site where one can purchase handmade items from all over the world!). The one from Sweet Bobbins was the best by far – great quality fabric that washes well and beautiful patterns. Angela and Rene throw in 3 matching washcloths with your sheet purchase!
  • Land’s End Little Tripper Diaper Bag – This is an awesome bag – although certainly not as cute as many others on the market. Major pluses for TONS of great functionality (which is actually the point of a diaper bag) and the fact that the dads I know don’t mind carrying it (assuming you do not purchase the baby pink color). You will be amazed at how much fits in there!
For other information on preparing for baby, please see my former posts: Our Top Ten Favorite Baby Stuff (pregnancy through 6 months)! and Toolkit for Baby’s Arrival.
I hope all you pregnant gals find the demo registry and these notes helpful!!!

Our Top Ten Favorite Baby Stuff (pregnancy through 6 months)!

Hi there everyone! This is a post about buying stuff. *sigh* As a recovering shopoholic on a baby-budget, it is with bittersweet reluctance that I offer this information. I often find that I oscillate between envisioning myself as one of two “mommy types” – the mom who has all the stuff from supercool independent baby shops and hip Sweedish brands (not IKEA) and the uber-saver green and frugal mom who makes her own baby wipes and doesn’t believe in pureed baby food. As with most aspects of my life, I find that I fall someplace in between, as I am, as it turns out, me. 🙂

Henceforth and thus and hitherto – I offer you our list of top ten favorite pregnancy and baby things. I find it necessary to append the “pregnancy through 6 months” descriptor, as I’m sure this next 6 months will bring many more great (and not-so-great) products into our lives. I hope this list helps pregnant women, new moms, and gift givers alike!


Ingrid & Isabel’s Bella Band
This thing is awesome for so many reasons. It is, as you will discover, a stretchy band that can be worn around your waist at 3 different stages of your pregnancy/post-labor experience. I will never forget my first dinner while wearing it – the joy I felt as I ate my Watawa dinner without wondering if I should attempt to discreetly unbutton my pants! Aaaahhhhhhh….it really makes you wonder why us girls don’t just wear one at all times, pregnant or not. Allow me to explain… (1) You are pregnant. You are entering that dreaded “Is she getting fat or is she pregnant?” phase. Your pants do not fit. Maternity pants are WAY too big. You do not want to buy pants at the next size – ew. Enter Bella Band. You put it on around your waist, you pull up your pants and zip up to the desired height, you fold down Bella Band over the zipper. You have now fashioned yourself elastic waist pants/customized maternity pants! I wore this “style” until I was 6 months pregnant! (2) You are big enough to warrant maternity pants, but OH NO they are still feeling huge on you! Enter trusty Bella Band. You put on your maternity pants, you pull up Bella Band on top of maternity pants waist area to help hold them on. (3) You have given birth. To your shock and dismay, baby did not weight 30 pounds and your old pants do not fit. Hark! Enter Bella Band once again. Follow instructions for  phase 1. 🙂

Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream
This is great all natural stuff to use as your belly cream throughout your pregnancy. A little goes a long way, so don’t balk at the price – it lasted my whole pregnancy and beyond. Better than cocoa butter, according to many. Also works nicely on dry skin elsewhere.

Newborn > 6 months:

Fisher-Price Newborn Rock ‘n Play Sleeper
We looooooooooooooove this thing. Alas, once Marley got over being swaddled, he was too squirmy for it. This was the perfect “bassinet” for Marley until he was about 4 months old. It rocks… no, no…. literally – it ROCKS. We had it right next to my side of the bed. When Marley would fuss a bit and need to be soothed back to sleep (but was definitely changed and fed) I would just lean over a bit and rock him down. It is the absolute perfect height to do this. It folds up for easy travel, as well. Cannot be beat – thanks, Fusco mommies! 😉

Summer Infant Oragnic Swaddle Me
Oh, and speaking of being swaddled…. These are simply a MUST HAVE. We, like so many of our new parent friends, watched the famous and infamous video “The Happiest Baby on the Block” – good stuff to be sure. In said video, one learns how to complete the “swaddle” or “DUDU” (down, up, down, up) wrap on a newborn baby. Swaddling is like magic in those early months – and don’t you feel clever when you wrap your little peanut in his or her first DUDU swaddle?!?! Yeah. Try doing that in the middle of the night in the dark after a diaper change, or when you’re sleep deprived, or when your baby is fighting with all his might to get out. It sucks. Thank goodness for the Swaddle Me people. I love you. This little blankie is essentially swaddling for dummies (and exhausted people who have lost their minds) – a pocket to put baby’s legs and some serious Velcro to hold the arm wraps together make life just that much easier. PS – I recommend the organic ones in particular because (a) organic is nice, and most importantly (b) they are softer AND stretchier – important!!!

Bravado! Body Silk Seamless Nursing Soft Cup Bra
Most comfortable nursing bra ever. I’ve been to all the fancy bra shops too and had fittings, etc etc. All that does have its place if you are really not wearing something appropriate and your back is hurting and you don’t know what size you are these days and so forth. If you are sure of your size, this is a great buy. It is ugly as all get out, but who the *@#*(& cares.

Evenflo Farmyard Mega ExerSaucer
When Marley smiles in his sleep, he is dreaming of his ExerSaucer, I just know it. If he grows up to be a farmer, we’ll know why. It is adjustable, it is cute, and it is a great place to put your baby down for a few minutes when he or she has outgrown sitting in a bouncy chair (or is just really squirmy, like our Marley). I often describe it as Marley’s “command station” – as soon as he gets in there he gets right to work moving the barn to and fro or chewing on the cow… whatever he feels needs to be done. HA – it’s hysterical! A truly great toy!

ERGOBaby – Read this earlier post regarding this amazing piece of equipment. I have an update! We were able to use this carrier as a backpack while hiking in Vermont this summer. It was glorious!

The Moby Wrap – Read this recent post (with video!). This is my lifesaver.

Aden + Anais Muslin Swaddle Blankets
Lightweight, breathable, and truly multi-purpose – these blankets are adorable and very much worth the money. A great option to throw over the car seat or stroller when you want to encourage or lengthen a nap. Also great for warm weather: See my Rockaway Beach post for details!

Sophie le Giraffe Teether
I had to do it, people, I had to. I know, I know – EVERY mom on the block has this stupid giraffe. WHY!?! What’s the big deal about the stinkin giraffe?!??! I really truly do not know, but every baby I know including Marley is obsessed with it. OBSESSED! If you don’t like the giraffe and insist on being contrary, you can order the little robot blob guy by the same company, but you should know I do not guarantee success with him. Another way to distinguish one’s self from all the other Sophie-owning families is to rename your giraffe (Thanks Acacia!). Ours is named “Marcel” – we decided it was important to choose a French name, lest we destroy the toy’s famous juju somehow. Our friend Gwenael even came up with a little “Je m’appelle Marcel” song. Hooray!

Hope all of you are doing well and enjoying Autumn. Stay tuned to see what Marley and I are going as for Halloween!

Toolkit for Baby’s Arrival

Hello readers!

When I started this blog, one “list” I was very anxious to provide for you is my list of recommended preparations for baby’s arrival. In this case, I am not referring to baby products (for the most part, anyway). That is a different list for a different day, my friends – this list is about preparing you.

When Marley was born, our lives immediately became intense in a way we had never experienced. This intensity had many faces – confusion over how to accomplish daily activities, overwhelming love for our baby, challenging (and humorous!) trial and error adventures with baby-care and feeding, and deep emotional bonding…  all of this while sleep deprived and healing from childbirth. As Nick and I say, the first week was the hardest and best week of our lives. I have tried to find appropriate words to describe my experience becoming a mom, but none seem good enough. So… instead of boring you all with my attempts at poetry, I will do what I do best – make a list!

In speaking to other moms, I’ve realized that we all have very unique experiences and needs. For example, while I yearned for private bonding time with my husband and baby, other women knew they wouldn’t have survived without their mom/sister/mother-in-law living with them for an extended period. Nonetheless, I have found some universal truths among us. It is from those universal truths and my own unique experience that I will attempt to provide this advice. 🙂

Toolkit for Baby’s Arrival

Professional Support Network

  • Choose the right pediatrician. Not all pediatricians are created equal! Take the time while you are pregnant to research and then interview pediatricians. We did this about 3 weeks before my due date and I felt like it was too last minute – I wish I had gone around the 35 week mark or even earlier. Most pediatricians will allow you to simply make an appointment to come in for a complimentary “prenatal consultation”. The purpose of this visit is to choose a doctor, establish a relationship with that doctor, and plan for baby’s arrival. What does this mean? How do I choose? What do I ask? What kind of plan – doesn’t the baby just arrive and then we take him to the doctor and that’s that? Okay … I will tell you what this meant for us. First, we did some research online and through friends to determine which doctors we would interview. The local “mommy” groups are a great resource for this – here in Astoria, we have a great “Expecting and New Moms” meetup group. Meetup provides an online forum where we moms share ideas, sell & buy baby things, and so forth. Next, we assembled our list of questions to ask the pediatrician. I googled “interview a pediatrician” and then took questions that I liked from the various checklists that come up and wrote them down. This list will be very particular to your family’s beliefs and your ideas about what makes a good doctor. For example, my husband and I were very concerned with finding a doctor with a kind temperament who was VERY pro-breastfeeding. We were willing to dismiss a long wait in the office if we found a doctor with these qualities. We were lucky enough to absolutely adore the first doctor we interviewed (Northwest Queens mommies – this is Dr. Christopher Clemens on 21st St. and Broadway and we think he hung the moon!). We developed a plan for Marley’s birth that went kind of like this: Since the doctor was not affiliated with the hospital at which I gave birth, he would not be appearing to examine him in the hospital. Therefore, as soon as possible after Marley was born, we were to email or call Dr. Clemens. That’s right – EMAIL! Who knew? Anyway, since I was very busy with feeding Marley and recovery, Nick and the doc were emailing back and forth the whole time we were in the hospital, which was very helpful indeed. Dr. Clemens told us that since we were committed to breastfeeding, if we felt any pressure from the hospital staff to offer formula, we were to call him immediately to talk strategy. Thankfully, it didn’t come to this, but it was very reassuring to know we had him on our side! I could carry on forever on this subject, but I’ll bet you’ve got the gist – there are great pediatricians out there. Find one ahead of time.
  • Know about some lactation consultants. Many moms say the best money they spent during their entire pregnancy and birth experience was on a visit with a lactation consultant! You may not need professional help at all, but if you find yourself in tears and in desperate need of breastfeeding advice, you will not want to begin your research in this bewildered state! Have a couple of phone numbers handy – it can’t hurt. Great resources for this are La Leche League and local breastfeeding shops (they sell nursing bras, etc), along with the meetup/community groups I mention above. Furthermore, most hospitals will provide a “warm” support line, where you can leave a message for the staff lactation consultants and someone will return your call within a given period of time. Have this number handy, as well.

Non-professional Support Network

  • Get in touch with your “new mom” friends. I was the first among my very close girlfriends to have a baby. I also do not have close female family members who were going to be appearing in my home to help out. In very un-Sara-like character, I began to feel resigned to loneliness in my new emotionally insane world. Luckily, I had a few not-so-close friends and friends of friends who had become moms right before me. The support these women provided was absolutely priceless. One amazing friend strapped on her 30 pound baby and took the M60 bus to Queens (worst bus ever) to bring us a tray of ziti, while another offered to drop what she was doing (with her 4-week old son in tow!) and drive up the BQE to help out with breastfeeding challenges. One overseas cousin offered the kindest words of support and love via Skype, and one local mom (and now dear friend) encouraged me on an almost daily basis to get out of the house, come to meetups, and express my feelings. I needed this support more than anything else I talk about in this post. Find out who these women in your life are – swallow your pride, reach out to them, and tell them you will need their help very soon.
  • Visitor and Meal Coordination. Okay, so this subject can be very touchy! It is also where I’ve seen the most variation in what new moms need/want. If you fancy yourself the hostess with the mostest, as I do, you will have visions of yourself sitting around holding/feeding your baby while others can simply loiter about in your home, being helpful or not.. whatever … how hard can it be??? I am here to tell you, girls, THIS IS NOT HOW IT IS! Even if you are fortunate enough to have Julia Child-reincarnate as your husband, as I do, you will need him to help YOU… that’s right – the one healing (ouch), the one feeding the baby (stressful), the one who will be thirsty/starving and trying to re-learn how to get around the house with a baby in your arms (yep). This is not to scare you, dear readers. No, no… this is my desperate attempt to convey that I needed much more help than I could have imagined and I wish I had prepared appropriately!!! Now, some of you will undoubtedly have very helpful parents, siblings, etc that will be TRULY helping you – this means cooking & cleaning, not holding the baby while you cook them dinner. If you do not have such family members/friends, or do not have the room nor the wherewithal to have people spending this kind of time in your home, I suggest having someone organize a “meal train” for you. A meal train simply means that, after the baby is born, someone will organize your friends/family to stop by every day for a given period with a meal. The organizer can be anyone you trust, he/she just needs to be ready to notify the group you designate as soon as your baby is born so people can sign up. This is done very easily through websites like mealTrain, CareCalendar, or MealBaby. I have played around on these sites, and I must say mealTrain is my favorite due to ease-of-use and lots of options/features! It allows anyone who is invited to the meal train to sign up to bring a particular meal on a given day – this is so neat because people can see what others are bringing and thus you will not receive 15 lasagnas. Your organizer can even specify food allergies/preferences and special instructions like “Please only stay for 15 minutes to allow the new family to rest”. Of course, this type of information is less awkwardly delivered by someone who is not you, which is why a system like this is so perfect. So, pregnant ladies and friends of pregnant ladies, please consider doing this. Don’t forget – you are a new mom and it is totally okay to set appropriate limits to create a comfortable healing and bonding environment for your family!

Prepare Your Household

  • Have some of your favorite healthy (and not-so-healthy!) snacks on hand and at the ready. Granola bars are awesome because they are healthy and generally easy to eat with one hand. These are my favorites cause they sneak in chocolate chips… yum!
  • Consider purchasing a few tubes of Lansinoh and placing strategically throughout your home. The stuff is great, but I found it to be a huge pain in the tookus having to go find it if I happened to be nursing somewhere other than “my chair”.
  • Make sure you have visibility to a clock/watch in all the places you anticipate nursing. This will be a huge help when trying to keep track of how long you nursed.
  • Speaking of tracking…. as I’m sure you’ve heard, you will want to track your baby’s, er … “input and output” for the first week at least. Yep – pees and poos and feedings oh my. This is super fun, you guys! The funnest part by far is tracking this all on a chart which you will place on the wall near your main nursing station and changing station! HA. Put it up on the wall with a pencil nearby before the baby is born so you have one less thing to worry about. Alas, I couldn’t find a great chart on the internet to point you towards – they all seem to be sponsored by Similac or Huggies (lame) or they don’t have the sections I found most helpful. So – I made you all one: Here it is. It’s in Excel – if you’re anything like me, this is a real thrill. Just copy down the headers as many times as you need. I even put a little example entry on there. Enjoy! 🙂
  • If you have purchased a breast pump, you may come upon a time in those first few weeks where you feel you need to use it. Therefore, go ahead and wash all the parts and the bottles ahead of time and get a vague idea for how it works! I did not think of this, and so there was poor Nick washing the darn thing and reading the instructions at 3am. No good!
  • I realized that I needed nursing bras, but until I went for a fancy nursing bra consultation I didn’t realize I needed a “sleeping” nursing bra. I don’t necessarily recommend a fancy consultation (unless you really get a kick out of that stuff), but I do recommend this sleeping bra! The general idea is that you will need to handle nighttime leaking while still being as comfortable as possible. 🙂 By the way, I also recommend these washable nursing pads, and these disposables.
  • Put the following items in your freezer: (1) A couple of maxi pads soaked in water (I don’t need to explain this), and (2) a gallon Ziploc bag filled 1/3 with flour (for engorgement).

Well, that about does it for this post… this was a long one, but I hope you found it helpful!

Don’t forget you can email us @ with any questions or special feelings!

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Soooo, what are Marley and I doing here on the interweb? Well, the past year has changed my life in some very profound ways. I was the first among my close friends to become a parent. While that felt a bit scary and disorienting at times, it also inspired me to organize my thoughts to help whoever might be the next to take this insane and awesome journey.

As an expectant mom, I was often overwhelmed by my need for helpful information and emotional support. Not surprisingly, as a new mom I find I need the same things….Oh, except now I need a housekeeper…please come over if you’d like to mop my floor…. Anyway, Marley and I are here to help you ladies (and gents!) who are pregnant or new to parenthood. If you find yourself wondering things like “Must I absolutely purchase a wipe-warmer? I need a fo’ real registry checklist!” or “Am I really prepared for those first few weeks everyone keeps telling me will be SO HARD? Will I survive sleep deprivation?” or perhaps “I have my baby and am now broke – can I still have fun without spending a million dollars on activities… in New York (substitute your own too-expensive city here)!?”, then YOU are a borobaby reader! Congratulations. 🙂

Those of you who know me well know that I adore list-making and information-mongering almost as much as I enjoying helping people. That’s what borobaby is all about – so here we go!

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