These are a few of our favorite random things.

Greetings! In the spirit of January, I offer today a list of the childrens’ favorite things in the house, all of which they did not receive for Christmas, and none of which are actually toys. This moral is an oldie but goodie – kids don’t need so many toys. Okay, got it. But sometimes this point is made in my house so clearly, like when Marley builds little cities out of earplugs, that I find myself SMHing with glee.

borobaby brothers’ favorite rando things in the house, in ascending order of preference:

10. Earplugs. See above. Earplugs can be found at Rite Aid for $8 for a large vessel. Not only do they make it possible for you to get a proper nap when your partner is holding down the ship, but they are obviously also a toy. They can be dumped, picked back up again, and made into cities or other clever formations on the floor. Available in many colors.

9. Dot stickers. Also available at Rite Aid. No, not like ones for kids or even teachers – the ones for yard sales and suchlike. Maybe $3 for many, many sheets. Nice to keep in your bag for restaurant outings so that your children can decorate themselves or you or paper. Again, Rite Aid comes through with the double duty all-purpose items. Usually sold in arrays of neon or pastel.

8. The remote control to the ceiling fan. The appeal here is obvious. Disclaimer, make sure they can’t easily rip out some tiny battery or whatever.

7. Egg crates. Like the ones that contain eggs from the food store. Perfect for putting small things in, like maybe earplugs.

6. Boxes. Can be colored, painted, cut up to be made into houses, or just exist as hiding spot.

5. Crappy plastic Easter eggs from last year. I suppose these technically are a toy, but not really, and I’m sure I got them from Rite Aid. Can be placed into above mentioned egg crates and used as carrying pods for raisins or whatever the boys are trying to hide from us.

4. Clementine boxes. Can be made into just about anything. Since Julian eats about 35 clementines per day, we’ve practically built a storage system with these.

3. The salad spinner. Oh man, the boys are both obsessed with the salad spinner. It spins, it has 3 parts, you can put lots of things into it. Oh, the glory!

2. Blankets and spare bits of fabric. They are everywhere in your house! Probably in assorted colors and patterns! Can be used as hiding places, made into “clothing,” or for trying to beat up your brother (although that obviously never happens in this house).

1. Scotch Tape. Scotch tape is also available at Rite Aid. Good to buy in bulk or on sale. It’s sticky. You can stick it on things. You can “fix” things all over the house with it. You can wear it. You can color it. The possibilities are really endless which is why it earns the #1 spot.

I love buying toys and there are many toys that the boys love and treasure. But sometimes, you just sit there covered in scotch tape and dot stickers and smile.

Thanks for reading. 🙂


This is the child you’ve got.

Hi everyone! I’m back (again). For those who don’t know me personally, my family now lives in Vermont and we have 2 boys, ages almost-4 and almost-2. Astoria, in the “boro” of Queens, will always be in our hearts.

I decided to start blogging again for one million reasons, not the least of which was a delightful email from wordpress suggesting that I do so. So, here I am. You may recall the look & categories of the old site – they are updated now for this new world.

This is the child you’ve got. Recently, I got a serious dose of this lesson when I tried to take Marley (almost-4) for his first ski lesson last weekend. This is a child who loves the snow and isn’t afraid of getting hurt. I feel strongly that, living in Vermont, the children need to learn winter sports as early as possible so that (a) they don’t get bored and become heroin addicts and (b) they don’t try to learn at age 26 and look like a buffoon on wheels, as I did. So there to the mountain we went for Saturday 1 of 4 for “Ski Tots” Ski Lessons.

I should have known. We went the day before to pick out our rental equipment and Marley immediately started panicking and shutting down the second he saw the ski boots and helmet. Never mind the skis. While I sat there with my neighbor (my poor, dear, understanding neighbor) trying everything to get him into the boots, I eventually just forced him in through sobs and jerking limbs. We all agreed he was tired that afternoon and would do better come the morning for the actual lesson. No such luck. He was petrified of those stupid boots, and he’s always hated helmets (awesome, right?). A chocolate cookie got us through the boots and helmet going on. Here was Marley sobbing “Please help me, mama” with chocolate all over his face while the other kids sat attentively or delighted in the sound their ski boots made as they ran in circles around the lodge. WTF, right?

At the base of the mountain, while the kids were learning to fall into their “magic circles,” Marley was face-planted in the snow refusing to move. And while every single other family began to smile and cheer as the children started skiing between mom or dad’s legs, there we were – face-planted in the snow and not moving. Ever. And it was 5 degrees that morning. WTF again and for realz. A wonderful man, one of the instructors, agreed we shouldn’t force anything on him, lest we ensure he will actually NEVER want to ski. He also suggested Marley might just not be ready this year. If it weren’t for this instructor, I would have felt like a complete failure as a parent that day. Oh, these children, our little zen masters. My lesson in acceptance that morning was a memorable one. This is the child you’ve got.

The child I’ve got does things as his own unique pace. I know he doesn’t give a flying hoot what any of the other kids are doing – peer pressure does not motivate him. This is not great for, say, potty training, but I know it will serve him very well in life. The child I’ve got is sensitive. The child I’ve got trusts his family to respect who he is, even if he can’t put it that way just yet. The child I’ve got damn well didn’t want to wear those ski boots that day, and that is okay. It has to be okay. 🙂

Borobaby is back with a brand new…. State?!

Well hello out there borobaby readers! As you know, it’s been too long. Please forgive my absence, as my family has been adjusting to the many changes in our lives that have taken place over the past few months. “What changes?” you say….Well, since May:

  1. The end of my breastfeeding journey with Marley.
  2. As indicated by my last post, the unfortunate passing of my very dear mother, Sue.
  3. Becoming pregnant with borobaby #2! We are proud to announce that we are expecting another baby BOY in March! There are a couple of dear friends out there whom I haven’t been able to talk to about this just yet – I apologize if this post is how you are finding out our happy news. I promise a long talk is in our near future. 🙂
  4. A hugely stressful and logistically challenging but also awesome move to Montpelier, Vermont. Yes, borobaby is now brought to you from the great state of Vermont, from the capitol “city” of Montpelier. A bit of trivia – we are the smallest state capitol and the only one without a McDonalds! Cool.
  5. A new job for my husband, which is working out quite well so far. 🙂

Soooooo I’ve been a bit emotionally exhausted – it’s been hard for me to think about how to restart the blog. But, at the encouragement of a special colleague/friend today, here I am trying.  😉

There are several things that have been on my mind that I would like to share with all of you. Here are some posts/topics you can expect to see in the near future:

  1. Adventures in Sewing. I am VERY, VERY inspired to learn to sew. Not like, with my needle and thread to repair a button and stuff like that. I mean really, really sew like with a machine like people do. For the boys, I want to make pajamas, sleep sacks, blankets, doofy outfits, hats, etc.  My main focus in the beginning will be completing Marley’s Halloween costume, which I planned to sew by hand but will try with the machine, aaaaaand some winter sleep sacks. Can someone out there please explain why they don’t make long-sleeved ones? I feel like I am always low on clean sleep sacks because I refuse to buy any more for like $40 or whatever it is. NO WAY – I will make them, I will, I will! Thank goodness I have a new neighbor up here who says she can help me to learn, and I have a gorgeous- genius-future famous designer niece whom I can ask stupid questions. Wish me luck, I will really need it.
  2. OMG I’m in Vermont. This change came as quite a shock to those who know how much I love Astoria. What about the BORO?! We knew that we’d need and want more space for baby #2, and my husband and I always knew that we’d plan a move out of the city around this time in our lives. So, here we are! We are so glad we landed in VT, and particularly glad to be in Montpelier! It’s a funky “city”/town of 8K-9K people. There is a plethora of interesting things going on, a very cute downtown with awesome shopping/restaurants, a lot of young families, and some very “colorful” hippie and not-so-hippie folks hanging around. In many ways, because of the small community feel, it is similar to life in Astoria believe it or not! Also, it is GORGEOUS here. We are surrounded by mountains and we breathe fresh air every day. What a refreshing change that has been! Anyone want to come up for a ski vacation!? 😀 Oh, the food is amazing too. Yesssssssssssssss! We haven’t quite found our groove yet with the local mom groups and such, so I hope to share some thoughts about that as we continue to try to get involved.
  3. Preparing for baby #2. I want to share with my readers some of what I’ve been feeling emotionally, and how I am trying to prepare logistically. Um, I also welcome all advice on this matter because I am basically clueless. 😉

Thanks for hanging in there, dear readers! What else would you like to hear about?

Welcome to borobaby!

Meet Marley – He is the borobaby. I’m Sara, Marley’s mom.

We live in Queens, the BEST….er, I mean…just one of the wonderful outer boroughs (“boros”) of New York City. Life is good here in Astoria, Queens. As any proud Astorian would tell you, we avoid the uber-hipster vibes of Brooklyn while still fancying ourselves a happening, cool-yet-affordable alternative to Manhattan.

Soooo, what are Marley and I doing here on the interweb? Well, the past year has changed my life in some very profound ways. I was the first among my close friends to become a parent. While that felt a bit scary and disorienting at times, it also inspired me to organize my thoughts to help whoever might be the next to take this insane and awesome journey.

As an expectant mom, I was often overwhelmed by my need for helpful information and emotional support. Not surprisingly, as a new mom I find I need the same things….Oh, except now I need a housekeeper…please come over if you’d like to mop my floor…. Anyway, Marley and I are here to help you ladies (and gents!) who are pregnant or new to parenthood. If you find yourself wondering things like “Must I absolutely purchase a wipe-warmer? I need a fo’ real registry checklist!” or “Am I really prepared for those first few weeks everyone keeps telling me will be SO HARD? Will I survive sleep deprivation?” or perhaps “I have my baby and am now broke – can I still have fun without spending a million dollars on activities… in New York (substitute your own too-expensive city here)!?”, then YOU are a borobaby reader! Congratulations. 🙂

Those of you who know me well know that I adore list-making and information-mongering almost as much as I enjoying helping people. That’s what borobaby is all about – so here we go!

Marley and I will be enlightening our readers with information in the following categories:

Baby Product Reviews and Musings: From “Swaddle Me” to “Sophie Le Giraffe” – Discussions and information about great (and not-so-great) baby products.

Dear borobaby…: We entertain all questions! Email us at

Free/Inexpensive Baby-friendly Activities: Stories of fun family activities that don’t break the diaper budget. Of course, most of our posts will concern the New York City region. However, I can’t wait to hear from our out-of-town borobaby readers for ways to have fun for less in your area!

Life With Baby: Breastfeeding, baby care, breastfeeding, getting out of the house, breastfeeding, meeting other new parents, and finally, breastfeeding. Yes. Whatever kind of feeding you’re doing, you’ll be doing that much of it.

Pregnancy & Preparing for Baby: The wonders of the pregnancy experience and advice for logistical and emotional prep for baby.